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QUESTION 1 Scenario: Citrix Profile Management is deployed in a XenDesktop environment. A Citrix Engineer set up group policies and configured the .INI file on Desktop OS machines for Citrix Profile Management. What will take precedence if there is a conflict? A. Local Policy B. Group Policy C. UPMPolicyDefaults_All.ini D. XenDesktop Policy set in Citrix Studio Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2 Which setting can be enabled to improve existing users\\' logon experience when using Citrix Profile Management? A. Enable template profile B. Enable active write back C. Enable Profile Streaming D. Enable delay before deleting cached profiles Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3 Which two elements are required in order for a Citrix Engineer to create a machine catalog using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard in the Provisioning Services Console? (Choose two.) A. vDisk in Private mode B. vDisk in Standard mode C. Virtual machine template D. Client hard drive for write cache E. Dedicated organizational unit (OU) Correct Answer: BC 1Y0-301 VCE Dumps | 1Y0-301 Exam Questions | 1Y0-301 Braindumps 2 / 17https://www.lead4pass.com/1y0-301.html 2019 Latest lead4pass 1Y0-301 PDF and VCE dumps Download QUESTION 4 A Citrix Engineer is in the process of setting up a remote access solution using self-signed certificates. To help ensure a secure remote connection, the engineer must install a Root certificate on the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A. endpoint device B. StoreFront server C. Domain Controllers D. Delivery Controllers Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 5 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is in the process of deploying load balancing for StoreFront servers using NetScaler. The DNS names of the servers are sf1.mydomain.com and sf2.mydomain.com. The StoreFront URL will be https:// citrix.mydomain.com. Which two steps should the engineer take when configuring StoreFront load balancing using NetScaler? (Choose two.) A. Create a DNS A record for citrix.mydomain.com for the load balancing VIP. B. Configure a NetScaler VIP for SSL and bind a certificate for citrix.mydomain.com to the VIP. C. Create a DNS CNAME record for citrix.mydomain.com resolvable to sf1.mydomain.com and sf2.mydomain.com. D. Configure a NetScaler VIP for SSL, enable the SNI feature and bind certificates for sf1.mydomain.com and sf2.mydomain.com to the VIP. Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 6 What is required to enable session pre-launch and session lingering? A. A Server OS Delivery Group B. Application Properties for Linger set to \\'Enabled\\' C. \\'Desktops\\' as the Delivery Type for the Delivery Group D. Machine Creation Services used for image management Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7 1Y0-301 VCE Dumps | 1Y0-301 Exam Questions | 1Y0-301 Braindumps 3 / 17https://www.lead4pass.com/1y0-301.html 2019 Latest lead4pass 1Y0-301 PDF and VCE dumps Download A Citrix Engineer must configure a service account for communication between the Delivery Controller and Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager. Which two permissions are required to ensure that the account has the rights to provision virtual desktops onto the shared storage? (Choose two.) A. Local Administrator on each Hyper-V host B. Administrator on the Virtual Machine Manager C. Local Administrator on the Delivery Controller D. Fabric Administrator on the Virtual Machine Manager Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 8 Scenario: NFS is implemented as the storage repository type in a XenServer proof-of- concept. One requirement for the production environment shared storage solution is that it should provide high availability. Which two storage technologies should a Citrix Engineer consider for production use? (Choose two.) A. CIFS B. iSCSI C. Local SSD D. Fibre Channel Correct Answer: AC certificationpdf.com QUESTION 9 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy Citrix Receiver using a custom Client Name value. The engineer uses the install command CitrixReceiver /CLIENT_NAME=Terminal. A user later renames the computer and the custom client name is lost. Which additional install parameter could the engineer have used to prevent the custom client name from being lost? A. SELFSERVICEMODE=FALSE B. ALLOW_CLIENTHOSTEDAPPSURL C. CLIENT_NAME=%COMPUTERNAME% D. ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CLIENT_NAME=NO Correct Answer: D 1Y0-301 VCE Dumps | 1Y0-301 Exam Questions | 1Y0-301 Braindumps 4 / 17https://www.lead4pass.com/1y0-301.html 2019 Latest lead4pass 1Y0-301 PDF and VCE dumps Download QUESTION 10 A Citrix Engineer must change the write cache method from \\'Cache on device hard drive\\' to \\'Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk\\'. To assist in determining the appropriate amount of RAM cache required, what would the engineer need to check to determine the current write cache size? A. The size of the local pagefile B. The size of the writecache file in the vDisk store C. The size of the .vdiskcache file on the device hard disk D. The size of the RAM and Pagefile combined in Task Manager Correct Answer: C dumpsdemo.com QUESTION 11 Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer take to ensure that StoreFront traffic is encrypted? (Choose two.) A. Enable SecureICA for the virtual desktops. B. Modify the website bindings to use HTTPS. C. Configure NetScaler Gateway for ICA proxy. D. Import a certificate in the IIS Management console. Correct Answer: BD